Cloudflare Worker with GitHub OAuth

Visit https://oauth.do/login to login

Login Flow Sequence

  participant C as ctx-do
  participant D as database.do
  participant O as database.do<br/>(oauth-do)
  participant J as jwt-do
  participant A as oauth.do
  D->>O: /login
  alt databases.do logged in
    O->>J: /verify
    J->>O: decrypt database.do JWT
  else databases.do logged out
    O->>A: /login?state=
    alt oauth.do logged in
      A->>J: /verify
      J->>A: decrypt oauth.do JWT
    else oauth.do logged out
      A-)github.com: /login/oauth/authorize?
      github.com-->>A: /callback
    A->>O: /login/callback
    O->>J: /generate
    J->>O: database.do JWT token
  O->>D: /api
  Note over O,D: set JWT cookie
  D->>C: /api
  C->>J: /verify
  J->>C: decrypt database.do JWT
  C--)D: return user object
  • Domains using oauth.do have a */login* route bound to the oauth-do worker.
  • https://database.do/login hits the /login route in oauth-do, and is redirected to the shared login service at https://oauth.do/login if not previously logged in.
  • If the user has not logged into oauth.do, they are redirected to the oauth provider:
  • https://github.com/login/oauth/authorize?
  • Once authorized, GitHub redirects the user back to:
  • https://oauth.do/callback which hits the /callback route in oauth-do, and is redirected back to the original domain:
  • https://database.do/login/callback which hits the /login/callback route in oauth-do, which then generates the JWT token, and redirects the user back to:
  • https://database.do/api which hits the /api route in database-do, except now, there is a cookie in the request header, which is then passed to the CTX service bindings on ctx-do, where the JWT token is verified and decrypted, and the user object is returned:
  "user": {
    "name": "John Doe",
    "email": "[email protected]",
    "image": "https://avatars.github.com/12345.png",
    "claims": "database:edit"

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